OWA 2010 – Options button (“Sorry! Access denied”)

OWA 2010 – Options button (“Sorry! Access denied”)

When you get the above error message, you have a problem that the user doesnt has an ‘Default Role Assignment Policy’.
You can check this by logging in to the exchange server and open the Exchange Shell, then type: Get-mailbox “user” | fl RoleAssignmentPolicy.
If nothging appears after ‘RoleAssignmentPolicy’ do the following:

#1 Open Exchange management console
#2 Go to ‘Toolbox’
#3 Open ‘Role Based Acces Control (RBAC) User Editor
#4 Log in with Administrator
#5 Go to ‘Mailboxes’ and dubbleclick the user you want to edit.
#6 Unfold ‘Mailbox Settings’ and choose ‘Default Role Assignment Policy’

Now log in to /owa again and try the Options button!

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