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Windows 2008 R2 – How to remote all temporary internet files on terminal server at once

In some cases you want to delete all temporary internet files for every user on a terminal server at once.

CTRL-ALT-DEL IT company made a tool for that ‘ICSweep’ it comes an their CAD_Utilitypack and is freeware.

You can download the pack here:

Office 365 – Become a partner of record for your customer

To become partner of record you will need your Partner ID. You can find this in the partner portal from microsoft:

When you have your Partner ID you have to log in with the customers administrator office365 account on
Go to -> Billing -> subscriptions.
Select the subscription on the right, at the actions panel choose, Add partner of record.
Copy your Partner ID and click Ok.

You are now a partner of record for this customer.

Windows 10 – Apple ethernet adapater

Use your Apple USB Ethernet adapter on Windows 10

To use your Apple USB Ethernet adapter on Windows 10 you have to do a few things.

First you need to Disable driver signature enforcement.
Go to start and type ‘advanced’ and click ‘change advanced startup options’
At advanced start up, choose restart now.

On the blue boot screen you click:
Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Startup Settings -> restart.

When rebooted choose the 7th bullet “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

Then you need to Download the driver, i’ve uploaded a .zip file with the driver and a changed .inf file (thanks to Extract the folder.

Go to device manager (Windows + X) -> device manager and select the Apple usb adapter.
Right click it and select update driver software.
Browse to the just extracted files and click Open.

At the warning screen choose; Install this driver anyway

The apple usb ethernet adapter is now succesfully installed.

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Disable driver signature enforcement