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Windows – How to start a script / program before logging in to Windows.

First you have to make a script (.bat file) that you want to execute before windows login.
If you want to start, for example Internet Explorer open Notepad en type: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
Now save the notepad file to a random name ending with the extension .bat

Go to start -> run -> and type mmc.
File -> add/remove snap-in -> doubleclick on Group Policy Object -> Finish -> Ok
Now open the just added ‘Local Computer Policy’ and go to:
Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Scripts (Startup / Shutdown)
Double click on Startup, click on add and browse to the just created .bat file.
You can leave ‘parameters’ empty.

Now if you reboot Internet Explorer will start before you are even logged in!

Windows server 2008 – Change DPI / change text size on remote desktop

Since a short time it’s now possible to change the DPI / text size inside a remote desktop session.
When you install the hotfix (link below) the settings wont be grayed out anymore so you can change the DPI.

Here you can read more about the HotFix:

Download the HotFix:

Note that you need SP1 or the HotFix wont work, also a reboot is required for the server.