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SharePoint Online Migration Tool – Scan File Failure:The item created time or modified time is not supported

When migrating to SharePoint Online / OneDrive for business, you could get the error:
Scan File Failure:The item created time or modified time is not supported

This seems because the file or folder doensnt have a (valid) creation date, in my case it had the value “4-3-1601 05:27:48”. To resolve this issue, the files need to get a valid creation / LastAccess date, to achieve this do the following:

# Open PowerShell and typ go to the folder with the files giving the error;
cd "c:\iterrors"

# Check the CreationTimme, LastAccessTim
Get-ChildItem -force | Select-Object Mode, Name, CreationTime, LastAccessTime, LastWriteTime | ft

# Get all files in the folder and change the CreationTime, LastAccessTime and LastWriteTime entry
$modifyfiles = Get-ChildItem -force | Where-Object {! $_.PSIsContainer}
foreach($object in $modifyfiles)
$object.CreationTime=("11/11/2019 12:00:00")
$object.LastAccessTime=("11/11/2019 12:01:00")
$object.LastWritetime=("11/11/2011 12:02:00")

Sharepoint Migration Tool – Invalid SharePoint Online list

When migrating on premises files to SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business, Microsoft made a simple tool available ‘SharePoint Migration Tool’.

Sometimes you will get the ‘Invalid SharePoint Online List’ error like;
“Invalid SharePoint Online list ‘Documents'”,”ACTION_STOP”,”0x0201000D”

Thanks to Thomasssssss on this technet topic; i found the solution.

So to get this working do the following:

– If not already done, create a new migration in SharePoint Migration Tool and start the migration, when you get the ‘Invalid SharePoint Online list’ error, close the tool
– Go to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MigrationToolStorage\\Sessions\SE_RANDOMNUMBER\ and open the session.dat file with notepad.
– Search and replace every “_libraryName”:”Documents” with your local ‘libraryName’, in my case; “_libraryName”:”Documenten” and save the file.
– ReOpen SharePoint Migration Tool and resume the saved migration.

It should work now!