Outlook – Automatically save an outlook attachment to disk

If you want to automatically save an attachment to a folder on your computer/server do the following:

Open Outlook and open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (Alt + F11).
Expand the tree view on the left till you reach ThisOutlookSession, now right click on ThisOutlookSession and select insert -> module.

You will now get a blank window, copy and paste this code:

Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk (itm As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim objAtt As Outlook.Attachment
Dim saveFolder As String
saveFolder = "c:\temp\"
For Each objAtt In itm.Attachments
objAtt.SaveAsFile saveFolder & "\" & objAtt.DisplayName
Set objAtt = Nothing
End Sub

Change the ‘saveFolder’ to something you want.
Save and close the Visual Basic app.

Now you will need to create a rule in Outlook that launces this script when an email arrives.

Go to Tools -> Rules and alerts -> New rule and choose Check message when they arrive -> with attachment (for example) -> run a script, click script and select your newly created VB script. Click finish and sent an test email.

If nothing is happening you probably should change the macro settings in Outlook: In Outlook go to File -> Options -> Trust center -> Trust center settings -> Macro settings and select ‘Notifications for all macros’ and click Ok.

Restart Outlook, you will get a message that your newly created script is trying to make changes to Outlook, allow that and try to send a test message again!

I tested this in Outlook 2010.