Outlook 2010 – Anonymous security option missing

When you are trying to configure Office 365 in Outlook 2010 there is a change the ‘anonymous’ security setting is missing. This will result in a setup faillure when trying to log in to office 365 account. So you can’t setup office365 via either autodiscover or manual.

To resvolve this issue i did the following:
1. Install SP1 for Outlook 2010.
2. Reboot
3. Install this patch:
4. Install this patch:
5. Reboot

When you try to configure office 365 in Outlook 2010 it will work!

2 thoughts on “Outlook 2010 – Anonymous security option missing

  1. JB Hewitt

    What a disaster! after installing the two patches listed, Outlook hung up trying to load the 3 stored profiles, one of which was a gmail account using Google App Synch. One of the patches apparently deleted the entire cache for email in this account and no longer having access to the gmail web account. I have lost more than a year of email history. All I wanted was to use outlook 2010 for a new office 365 email account so now have accomplished nothing and this integration still does not work.


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