Exhange 2010 – Enable calendar sharing via internet

By default the function to publish your calendar to the internet is turned off / greyed out.

To enable this function log in to the Exchange server and open the Exchange management shell.
There are different options for this policy.

For sharing only the free/busy data you have to type:
New-SharingPolicy -Name “Calendar Sharing Policy” -Domains “anonymous:calendarsharingfreebusysimple”

If you want to have the ability to share the full calendar with all details you have to type:
New-SharingPolicy -Name “Calendar Sharing Policy” -Domains “anonymous:CalendarSharingFreeBusyReviewer”

Now you have to apply the sharing policy to a user:
set-mailbox info@iterrors.com -SharingPolicy “Calendar Sharing Policy”

When you log in to the OWA go to:
Calendar -> Share -> publish this calendar to internet

Choose the settings you like and click Save.

You will now see 2 URL’s.
1 is for viewing the calendar in a webbrowser, the other is for adding the calendar to Outlook.

To add the calendar to Outlook copy the link with .ics as extension.
Go to Oulook and go to: Calendar -> Open calendar -> from internet and paste the URL.

You have now enabled internet calendar sharing and added it to your Outlook!