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Windows 2008 R2 – Check for open files and folders

For different reasons you want to check which files or folders are open on your Windows 2008 R2 (Terminal server).

To do this you need to log on as an administrator.
Go to:
Start -> Administrative Tools -> Share and Storage management

In the Action pane select ‘manage open files’

You will see a list of open files and folders.

Windows 2008 R2 – How to remote all temporary internet files on terminal server at once

In some cases you want to delete all temporary internet files for every user on a terminal server at once.

CTRL-ALT-DEL IT company made a tool for that ‘ICSweep’ it comes an their CAD_Utilitypack and is freeware.

You can download the pack here:

Windows – Empty all recycle bins at once

To delete all the recycle bins at once you have to do the following:

Open command prompt ‘cmd’ as administrator.

rd /s c:\$Recycle.Bin

All recycle bins will now be emptied!

Windows 2008 R2 – How to install a Windows IIS server

In this ‘how to’ I will describe how to install a Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS.
I am using a Dell R210 II with a raid 1 configuration where I will install Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise edition (not needed).

After you’ve installed Windows2008 R2 make sure you download and install all the latest updates via Windows update.

After you installed all the updates we need to add the Webserver (IIS) role to the server.
Open the server manager (Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager).
And go to Roles -> Add Roles -> Select Web Server (IIS) and click on Next.

On the select services screen select the services you wish to install.
In this example I will install the default checked options and I also check:
– Application Development, exclude ServerSide Includes
– FTP Server
Click Next and then Install.

Now when you go to http://localhost/ you should see the default page of IIS.

Windows 2008 – Default gateway

When on a Windows 2008 server you open command prompt and type: ipconfig /all you see there are 2 default gateways and

that the first is When you go over to IP settings you won’t see the anywhere.

To resolve this issue:
run -> cmd
typ: route delete
Now go back to your IP settings and verify your wanted default gateway is listed and type ipconfig /all again in cmd.
You will see that it’s working as intended again 🙂

Windows backup – VSS Backup fails

When for instance a VSS backup fails you can make sure the ‘VSS Writer’ for VSS backup is running.

# Open command and type:
vssadmin list writers

# Now if you see for instance
“Microsoft Exchange Writer” Status [7]: Failed

# Now if you reset the Exchange store service the writer should and will go to Status [1] Stable.

Every writer has it’s own purpose, you should be able to figure out which of the writers is letting your backup fail.

Windows server 2008 – Change DPI / change text size on remote desktop

Since a short time it’s now possible to change the DPI / text size inside a remote desktop session.
When you install the hotfix (link below) the settings wont be grayed out anymore so you can change the DPI.

Here you can read more about the HotFix:

Download the HotFix:

Note that you need SP1 or the HotFix wont work, also a reboot is required for the server.

Windows 2008 – Remote control session failed (ID xx)

Session (ID xx) remote control failed. (Error 5 – access is denied)

When you recieve the above error in a Windows 2008 Terminal server environment you need to disable UAC.

You disable UAC by doing the following:
Start -> Control panel -> user accounts -> change user account settings -> now move it to the lowest point and reboot the server.

Windows Backup – The filename, directoryname or volume label syntax is incorrect.

When in Windows Backup 2008 you want to add an 2nd HDD target to your existing back-up schedule you get the error message: “The filename, directoryname or volume label syntax is incorrect”

The solution is:
Attach your 1st harddisk.
You can only add an extra harddisk to your existing back-up schedule when your 1ste harddisk is also connected to the server.

Relaunch the wizard and you wont get the error!