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Upload a file located on a networkdrive fails with error ‘acces denied’.

When you want to upload a file located on a network drive via Internet Explorer you get the message ‘Acces denied’.

To fix this you need to do the following:
In Internet Explorer go to: Extra -> Internet options -> Security -> Trusted sites -> then click on ‘sites’ add ‘https://*.domain that gives errors.tld’ click on Add and uncheck ‘Require server ……..’
restart Internet Explorer and retry!

ISA – Error Code: 500 Internal server Error (12217)

When you get Error Code: 500 Internal server Error (12217) on a website hosted behind a ISA server, there is something going wrong with ‘special characters’

This is easy to fix:

Open ISA management:
# Rightclick the specific webrule and click ‘Configure HTTP’
# Deselect ‘Vericy normalization’

Apply, Apply, test it!
It works! 🙂