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VLC is crashing when starting up a game

When you have a doublescreen setup and you want to use VLC to watch video’s or play music while you game it will crash.

There is a solution for this issue;

Steps: Open VLC and go to preferences -> go to video -> choose ‘all’ at the bottom and search for Overlay video output in the list under ‘video’ and turn it off. Then go back to simple preferences and go to video. Make sure accelerated video output(overlay) is not checked. Then turn off hardware YUV>RGB. And finally change your output to OpenGL.

RW Everything

Sometimes when you reinstall your PC, or for any other reason you need the OEM Microsoft Windows Productkey your laptop / PC came with.

Since there is no sticker with the key on the device you can use a very neat program called ‘RW Everything’

After unzipping the .zip choose rw.exe and click on ACPI.
Next go to the MSDM tab, at the bottom you will find the Windows key.

Google Chrome – Can’t open ‘add attachment’ in Outlook Web App (OWA).

When you try to sent a new email and want to add an attachment nothing happens in google chrome.

There is a simple fix for this issue and that is to simply run this .reg file:
Or change it yourself:

Re-open google chrome and the OWA and it should work!

Get rid of Windows 8 Metro start menu – Startisback

Getting tired of the new Windows 8 Metro interface?
There is a solution, for only $3, (PayPal) you can buy ‘startisback’ see their website:

Startisback has a lot of settings, you can customize the view, the way buttons respond and also the program list.

Microsoft will probably re-introduce the start-menu in Windows 9.
In the time between now, and when Windows 9 will be introduced you can use the startisback application.

To download the program and try it free for 30 days here:


Install Google Chrome on a Windows Terminal Server

By default you can’t install Google Chrome on a terminal server so that it works for every user.

Google has made a ‘StandAlone’ installer that you need to install on a terminal server.

When you install this google chrome will work on your terminal server.

Can’t delete printer driver – Access denied or driver not found.

There are numerous reasons on why you want to delete an Printer driver, and even more reasons why the driver won’t get removed (completely).

You could get errors like:
Failed to remove driver The specified printer driver is currently in use.
Failed to remove package .inf. Driver package is in use.
Failed to remove package .inf. Access is denied.


Citrix made a great tool for uninstalling printer drivers easy:
“Print detective”

Just run the program, select the printer and choose ‘Delete driver(s)’

External USB drive – Raw filesystem

Raw filesystem

When you plug in (for example) your external USB drive you get the error: Raw filesystem, or the pc doenst recognize it all.

You do the following:

Open commandprompt (start -> command -> rightmouse button ->run as administrator)

typ in:
chkdsk F: (example) /f
# If your driveletter is E: do:
chksdk E: /f

This will scan and fix your disk!

Windows Terminal Server – Internet explorer wont work (or very slow) after Flash is installed.

To fix this error you have to do the following:

#1 Log on to the server as Administrator.
#2 Download flash uninstaller: and run it, if necesarry reboot.
#3 Download and install flash player.
#4 Start regedit and locate the following keys:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540 000}

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{D27CDB70-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540 000}

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\TypeLib\{D27CDB6B-AE6D-11CF-96B8-4445535 40000}

#5 For each key / folder do the following:
Rightclick and click permissions, remove ‘everyone’ from the list and click on ‘Advanced’, click on ‘Replace permissions on child objects’ then click ‘Ok’ and ‘Yes’ on the security window and then ‘Apply’.
Now add ‘Everyone’ and give ‘read’ permission, then click on advanced and click on the ‘Replace permissions on all child objects’ again and click ‘Ok’ and ‘Yes’ at the security window and then ‘Ok’.
Repeat this for all the 3 keys.

right click the key select permissions, select everyone and remove before clicking apply select the Advanced button and click the Replace permissions on all child objects, click Ok then Yes on the security window then Apply. Now Add everyone and click on Read then Advance button and click the Replace permissions on all child objects, click Ok then Yes on the security window then Ok. Now repeat on the next 2 keys. (By clicking Read then Advanced it selects a few other permissions so please do it this way)

#6 Log in with a ‘normal’ user and Internet Explorer should as it should again!