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Windows 8 – Turn of automatic window arrangement.

If you want to prevent windows from begin automatically arrange when moved to the edge of the screen you need can easily

change this.
Press the windows button and typ ‘snap’ choose ‘settings’ on click on ‘Turn of automatic window arrangement’.

Then on the next screen you need to scroll down and select ‘Prevent windows from….’, then press apply, ok.

Windows – How to make your USB drive bootable

# Start -> Run -> type ‘diskpart’ without quotes

# Once it’s loaded type:
list disk
This will display the current connected disks.

# now type:
select disk # (you need to replace # with the disk number you want to select).

# type:

# type:
create partition primary

# type
select partition 1
press enter and then type ‘active’
# We are now going to format the drive, so make sure you have selected the right disk and that there is no data you want to save on the USB drive.
format fs=fat32 quick

# Now assign a drive letter to the formatted drive, typ:
assign and then type exit

You now need to copy the installation files for i.e. windows 8.

You are done, now plug in the USB drive in any laptop / pc and boot it from the USB drive.