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Windows backup – VSS Backup fails

When for instance a VSS backup fails you can make sure the ‘VSS Writer’ for VSS backup is running.

# Open command and type:
vssadmin list writers

# Now if you see for instance
“Microsoft Exchange Writer” Status [7]: Failed

# Now if you reset the Exchange store service the writer should and will go to Status [1] Stable.

Every writer has it’s own purpose, you should be able to figure out which of the writers is letting your backup fail.

Microsoft SQL – Force logfile rotation

By default SQL maintains 7 ErrorLogfiles and rotates them, trowing away the oldest log and creates a new one. If logfiles grow big in size and ‘eat up’ all your HDD space you can force the logfile rotation.

The default logfile names are:

The normal logfile cycle goes like this:

All data in ErrorLog.6 is removed and a new ErrorLog file is created.
All data in ErrorLog goes to file ErrorLog.1
All data in ErrorLog1. goes to file ErrorLog.2
All data in ErrorLog.2 goes to file ErrorLog.3
All data in ErrorLog.3 goes to file ErrorLog.4
All data in ErrorLog.4 goes to file ErrorLog.5
All data in ErrorLog.5 goes to file ErrorLog.6

To force the logfiles to rotate you have to do the following:

Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in.
Execute this query:

If you have a particularly big logfile for instance ErrorLog.3 you have to execute the query multiple times to get rid of the ErrorLog.3!